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So, let’s take a look at some of the stranger news stories from this week:




Chocolate lovers, as your dream job may have just been revealed. Supermarket M & S employs a woman to go around the world tasting chocolate eggs.

Fans of amazing architecture with a sense of fun, after a new tree-house apartment complex was unveiled in Turin.




A man from France who tried to smuggle his wife into Poland inside a suitcase – only to find out it was legal for her to travel anyway.

Those who are terrified of ghosts, after the US revealed its ‘most haunted building’ – it’s the same prison that used to house Al Capone.





Now, here are the answers to last week’s homework about “give, keep, break, see”:


Part One:


1. Break somebody’s heart; the law.

2. Give somebody a hand; somebody a lift.

3. Keep in touch; somebody waiting.


Part Two:


1. Paul: Did you take them in your car?

You: Yes, I gave them a lift.

2. Paul: Did you phone her?

You: Yes, I gave her a ring last night.

3. Paul: Have you ever committed a crime?

You : No, I’ve never broken the law in my life.

4. Paul: Have you stayed in contact all this time?

You: Yes, I’ve tried to keep in touch as much as possible.

5. Paul: This is going to make her terribly unhappy.

You: Yes, I know. It’ll break her heart.

6.Paul: Could anyone help me with this?

You: Yeah, I’ll give you a hand.


Part Three:


1. This umbrella should keep you dry.

2. I don’t know why Igors keeps laughing- it wasn’t a very funny story.

3. I never drink coffee at night; it keeps me awake.

4. If you do lots of exercise, it’ll keep you fit/healthy.

5. It it’s really stupid, but I keep forgetting to lock the door when I go out.

6. They’re making a lot of noise in there. Could you tell them to keep quiet?


This week’s homework is about leave, catch and let.


Part One: Fill the gaps in these sentences and dialogues with a suitable verb.


1. We can walk to the High Street and then…...a bus to the cinema.

2. (on the phone) I’m afraid You’s out. Do you want to………….a message?

3. I asked Dad, but he won’t……….me borrow the car.

4. The teacher……………them talking to each other in the exam, so they could be in trouble.

5. I put everything in my bag for school, then………… on the kitchen table.

6. You: Is is OK if I ……… bike in front of the apartment?

Paul: Yeah, sure.

7. You: I’m sorry, I didn’t…..your name.

Paul: It's Paul.

8. You: What shall we do?

Paul: Er,………………go to the swimming pool.


Part Two: Complete these sentences.


1. Please leave me……….; I’m trying to finish this essay.

2. I’m sorry, I didn’t quite……………..what you said.

3. If you want any more tickets, just let me………..

4. You: How many people can we take in the bus?

Paul: Ooh…….er, let me ……………er…..about 30, I think.

5. We can’t make an omelette – we haven’t got any eggs………………You had the last one yesterday.

6. Do you want me to leave a ……..on his answerphone.

7. You have to ….the ball, then throw it to someone else.

8. I caught a………..on holiday and I’ve still got it. I feel terrible.


Part Three: Each sentence beginning below (1-3) has two possible endings (a-f). Choose the correct combinations.


1. She left

2. She left

3. She caught


a. me use her mobile.

b. her bags at the station

c. the bus outside the supermarket.

d. the man trying to steal her handbag

e. her job because it was boring.

f. us go home early today because it’s my birthday.


Part Four: Complete these dialogues in a suitable way.


1. You: I don’t know how to do this.

Paul: OK, let me have a look.

You: Oh, thanks.

2. You: I’m just going to do the washing-up.

Paul: Oh, let……..

You: No, you don’t have to do that. Sit down.

3. You : I have to go to the station.

Paul: Well, let……..

You: Oh, that’s very kind of you.

4. You: Do you want to come next week?

Paul: I don’t know. I’ll let ………..tomorrow.


Have a lovely weekend!


Best wishes.

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