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So, let’s take a look at some of the more bizarre stories from this week:




A woman in the UK who forgot where she parked her car after a job interview, and asked the internet to help her. She was reunited with her car 2 days later!

Anyone who’s ever needed a bottle opener but didn’t have one, as a useful YouTube tutorial has come to light showing how to open a bottle of beer using just one sheet of A4 paper.



Dieters, after donut chain Krispy Kreme unveiled it’s (disgusting looking) hot dog jam and bacon donut.

A man who discovered a snake in his box of cereal.



This week’s homework is about give, keep, break, see.


Part One: Match each verb (1-3) with two nouns below to form common phrases.


1. break

2. give

3. keep


* in touch

* the law

* somebody a hand

* somebody waiting

* somebody’s heart

* somebody a lift


Part Two: Complete these dialogues using a verb + noun construction with the same meaning as the underlined words and phrases.


1. Paul: Did you take them in your car?

You: Yes, I gave them a lift.

2. Paul: Did you phone her?

You: Yes, I ……..last night.

3. Paul: Have you ever committed a crime?

You : No, I’ve never………….in my life.

4. Paul: Have you stayed in contact all this time?

You: Yes, I’ve tried to … much as possible.

5. Paul: This is going to make her terribly unhappy.

You: Yes, I know. It’ll………..

6.Paul: Could anyone help me with this?

You: Yeah, I’ll………


Part Three: Complete the sentences with a suitable adjective or -ing form.


1. This umbrella should keep you……….

2. I don’t know why Igors keeps ……..- it wasn’t a very funny story.

3. I never drink coffee at night; it keeps me…….

4. If you do lots of exercise, it’ll keep you….

5. It it’s really stupid, but I keep ………… lock the door when I go out.

6. They’re making a lot of noise in there. Could you tell them to keep……………?


Have a lovely weekend!

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