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VA Design maneuvering speed

VB Design speed for maximum gust intensity

VC Design cruising speed

VD Design diving speed

VDF/MDF Demonstrated flight diving speed

VF Design flap speed

VFC/MFC Maximum speed for stability characteristics

VFE Maximum flaps extended speed

VH Maximum speed in level flight with maximum continuous power

VLE Maximum landing gear extended speed

VLO Maximum landing gear operating speed

VLOF Lift-off speed

VMC Minimum control speed with the critical engine inoperative

VMO/MMO Maximum operating limit speed

VMU Minimum unstick speed

VNE Never-exceed speed

VNO Maximum structural cruising speed

VR Rotation speed

VS Stalling speed or minimum steady flight speed at which the aircraft is controllable

VSO Stalling speed or minimum steady flight speed in the landing configuration

VS1 Stalling speed or minimum steady flight speed obtained in a specific configuration

VTOSS Take-off safety speed for Category A rotorcraft

VX Speed for best angle of climb

VY Speed for best rate of climb

V1 Take-off decision speed (formerly denoted as critical engine failure speed)

V2 Take-off safety speed

V2min Minimum take-off safety speed

Student Pilot Solo Limitations

8 knots max crosswind component

16 knots max total wind speed

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