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Turning Onto the Runway
09 38 hours ago
How to Set Pitch Trim in One Shot
016 9 days ago
Consistent Landings
047 2 months ago
Protect Your Piston Engine in Winter!
087 2 months ago
Consistent Landings
1155 4 months ago
Mastering Crosswind Approaches And Landings
0135 4 months ago
Stabilized approach.
0339 8 months ago
Acceptance an ATC clearance or instruction.
0321 8 months ago
Adjusting the elevator trim
0182 8 months ago
Spin recovery
027054 over a year ago
Some of the different stages of flight with specific reference to the Cessna 172.
013583 over a year ago
Aviation Mnemonics
04051 over a year ago
Aviation Acronyms
05067 over a year ago
010831 over a year ago
02363 over a year ago
Memorization Items Cessna F172K
01898 over a year ago
Enjoy Winter Flying Safely
02039 over a year ago
02042 over a year ago
Aviagroup's Eduard Pre-Solo Written Exam
02135 over a year ago
Practical exercises to pass ICAO Operational Level 4 - Second exercise
06124 over a year ago
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